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Enjoy Reading in the Dark With the Top Backlit eReaders

Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Getting lost in a good book transports you to new worlds and introduces you to inspiring characters. But trying to read in dim lighting can quickly strain your eyes, ruin your concentration, and zap the joy from reading. That’s where backlit eReaders come in. These innovative devices feature built-in illumination that casts a soft, even glow across the screen to make reading comfortable in any lighting conditions.

In this post, we’ll explore some of today’s most popular backlit eReaders and how to find your perfect match. Let’s dive into the magical world of reading anytime, anywhere with a glowing eReader!

Kindle Paperwhite – The Backlit Gold Standard

When it comes to backlit eReaders, Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is the undisputed champion. Ever since the first Paperwhite launched in 2012, it has set the standard that other eReaders strive to match.

The latest Kindle Paperwhite combines a bright, 300 ppi display with adjustable warm light for easy reading day or night. The 6-inch screen strikes a perfect balance between portability and generous page real estate. Text is laser-sharp, and you can adjust the brightness from barely-there up to retina-searing.

One of the Paperwhite’s biggest assets is outstanding battery life. A single charge lasts weeks, not hours or days, even with the light in constant use. Never worry about your Paperwhite dying mid-chapter.

As an Amazon device, the Kindle Paperwhite fully integrates with the Kindle ecosystem. Shop for new reads directly on your device, sync your progress across multiple devices, and share highlights with friends. Support for Audible means you can switch seamlessly between reading and listening.

While it may cost a bit more than competitors, the Kindle Paperwhite’s premium build quality, stellar lighting implementation, and intuitive software make it the obvious choice for many eReading enthusiasts.

Travel Light With the Kobo Clara HD

The Clara HD from Kobo provides a more affordable backlit eReader option in a slim, lightweight package ideal for life on the go. Its 6-inch Carta E Ink touchscreen offers 300ppi for crisp text that goes easy on the eyes. The front-lit ComfortLight PRO evenly illuminates the display.

One of the Clara HD’s best attributes is its pocket-friendly dimensions. At just 6-ounces, it’s easy to hold the Clara HD in one hand for extended reading sessions without fatigue. The compact body and thin profile slip easily into purses, bags, and generous pockets.

While internal storage is only 8GB, you can store thousands of eBooks and documents. Support for Kobo’s OverDrive service lets you borrow eBooks from public libraries. The Clara HD works with nearly all popular eBook formats beyond Kobo’s ecosystem.

For an affordable, highly portable backlit eReader without many bells and whistles, the Clara HD is hard to beat.

Page Turn Buttons Return on the Nook GlowLight Plus

Barnes & Noble’s Nook GlowLight Plus brings back physical page turn buttons to the front-lit eReader realm. The buttons offer an alternative to constantly swiping and tapping the touchscreen.

The GlowLight Plus sports a 6-inch 300ppi E Ink display capable of showing 16 levels of grayscale for rich contrast. The front lighting provides ample illumination for reading in the dark while minimizing eye strain. Adjust brightness easily during the day or night.

This IPX7 rated device can withstand immersion in up to 3 feet of water for half an hour. Feel free to relax with the GlowLight Plus in the bath or poolside without fear of harming your investment.

Another handy feature is direct support for borrowing eBooks from public libraries through OverDrive at no extra cost. The Nook ecosystem may be smaller than Amazon’s, but you have access to free reads from your local branch.

A Bigger Backlit Screen on the Kobo Libra H2O

Kobo also offers a premium backlit eReader with the 7-inch Libra H2O. The IPX8 device can be submerged in 2 meters of water for up to an hour with no issues. Like the Clara HD, the Libra H2O features Kobo’s ComfortLight Pro front lighting.

The extras on the Libo H2O include physical page turn buttons, more internal storage (16GB), and a larger 1872 x 1404 resolution display. Text appears extra crisp and clear on the expansive screen. The Libra H2O weighs just over 7 ounces.

Beyond the hardware, you get full access to Kobo’s platform including OverDrive integration. Customize fonts, themes, and margins to optimize the reading experience. Sync across devices and access Kobo’s global eBookstore.

Overall, the Kobo Libra H2O sits at the cross-section of premium features, durable waterproof design, and competitive pricing.

An Android All-in-One on the Onyx Boox Nova3 Color

Most backlit eReaders feature black and white E Ink displays optimized for reading. The Onyx Boox Nova3 Color takes a different approach with a 7.8-inch Kaleido Plus color E Ink screen running Android 11.

This means the Nova3 Color functions as a full tablet capable of apps, notes, web browsing and more. The sacrifices are less sharp text than dedicated E Ink devices, slower refresh rates for colored content, and shorter battery life.

But for certain use cases like viewing PDFs, comics, and magazines in their full color glory, the Nova3 Color shines. Note taking with the included stylus is a breeze. If you want an all-in-one reading, note taking, and light computing device, look no further.

Just be prepared for the steep price tag, which is on par with many mainstream tablets. The Nova3 Color is best suited for workflow-focused power users, not casual readers.

How to Find Your Perfect Backlit eReader

With so many backlit eReaders on the market from tech giants to lesser known brands, finding the right one takes some careful consideration:

  • Screen Size – Smaller 6-inch eReaders are highly portable. 7-8 inch readers are heavier but offer more generous page real estate.
  • Storage Space – If you plan to load up on audiobooks, manga, or PDFs, get a reader with at least 16GB.
  • Physical Buttons – Some models have page turn buttons for an alternative to touch controls. This comes down to personal preference.
  • Lighting Features – Adjustable color temperature, brightness settings, and blue light reduction are key for nighttime reading.
  • Battery Life – Top-tier eReaders last weeks per charge, even with consistent lighting use.
  • Supported Formats – Make sure your reader works with ePub, PDF,mobi, and other files you want to open.
  • Waterproof – IPX7 or IPX8 ratings let you safely read in the bath or poolside worry-free.
  • Ecosystem – Kindle connects seamlessly with Amazon’s universe. Kobo integrates with OverDrive. Know your ecosystem preferences.
  • Budget – Prices range from $100 to $250+ for premium models. Decide how much you’re willing to spend.

Take some time to consider which features matter most for your reading habits. This will lead you to the right backlit eReader to meet your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Backlit eReaders

Do glowing screens negatively impact sleep? Will a backlit reader dry out my eyes? Let’s shed some light on common questions about modern backlit eReader tech.

How is the lighting implemented?

Most backlit eReaders use front lighting, where LEDs shine on the display from the front. This creates an even glow with minimal glare. Older backlit eReaders used bottom lighting, which led to uneven illumination.

Does the light strain your eyes?

Today’s front-lit readers are designed to minimize eye fatigue. E Ink screens reflect light like paper, vs. emitting their own blue light. Warm lighting options further reduce eye strain.

Can the brightness be adjusted?

Yes, you can easily adjust an eReader’s brightness settings, often even toggling between day and night modes. Some models let you schedule brightness based on the time of day.

What is the impact on battery life?

Thanks to efficient LEDs, battery life is minimally impacted by consistent front light usage. Most backlit eReaders still last weeks between charges. Some turn off lighting after a set period of inactivity.

Are backlit eReaders waterproof?

Select high-end models like the Kobo Libra H2O and Nook GlowLight Plus carry IPX7 or IPX8 waterproof ratings. This lets you safely read in the bath or poolside without harming your device.

Enjoy Your Favorite Books Anytime, Anywhere

Life is hectic, and it’s tough to read only during daylight hours or under perfect lighting conditions. Backlit eReaders remove restrictions on when and where you can get lost in a great story. Adjustable front lighting, waterproof designs, and weeks of battery life empower you to devour books day or night.

We hope this overview gives you a feel for today’s top backlit eReaders and what to look for when choosing your perfect match. Whatever your budget, use case, or platform preference, a glowing eReader can make reading a joy again. What are you waiting for? Go pick your next page-turner and dive in anywhere, anytime. Happy reading!



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