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Finding the Perfect Fit with Old Navy Flare Leggings for Girls

Finding the Perfect Fit with Old Navy Flare Leggings for Girls

As a mom of two young girls, I’m always on the hunt for comfortable, durable, and stylish leggings that can keep up with their active lifestyle. Old Navy’s flare leggings have become my go-to for both school and play. With a range of sizes, colors, and affordable prices, I appreciate how easy Old Navy makes it to find the perfect pair of flare leggings for my girls.

Sizing Up the Options

One of the great things about Old Navy’s selection is the wide variety of sizes available. Their girls’ flare leggings come in toddler sizes 2T-5T, as well as sizes XS-XL for big kids. I like having the option to choose the exact size I need based on my daughter’s measurements, rather than having to guess at standard sizing.

For my younger daughter, I take advantage of the adjustable waistbands in the toddler sizes so I can get the perfect fit that won’t slide down or feel too tight. For my older daughter, I make sure to check the size charts on the website so I order the right big kid size based on her height and weight.

Having both petite and tall size options ensures I can find leggings with the ideal leg length and rise, preventing any bunching at the ankles or sagging in the bottoms. I appreciate the attention Old Navy pays to properly proportioning their girls’ sizes.

Finding Just the Right Colors and Patterns

Beyond sizing, Old Navy also provides a fun, vibrant array of colors and prints to choose from. Their solid color flare leggings come in staples like black, navy and grey for an everyday look. I also love picking up patterned options like buffalo plaid, hearts, tie dye, and colorful stripes to mix things up.

Around the holidays, it’s easy to get my girls festive flare leggings with seasonal prints like snowflakes or candy canes. Come springtime, we love sporting lighter pastels and floral designs. No matter the time of year, there are so many great options for every outfit and occasion.

Having this variety helps make getting dressed for school easy and fun. My girls are always excited to show off their newest leggings. Plus, it’s great knowing that even if one pair gets stained or damaged, we likely have another similar backup already in their closet!

Perfect for School and Play

Old Navy’s flare leggings really do check off all the boxes I look for in a pair of leggings for my girls. They maintain their shape and stretch well, so I don’t have to worry about saggy knees or waistbands that ride down mid-day on the playground.

The cotton-blend fabric is substantial enough to provide coverage and warmth for school, yet light enough to allow full movement and breathability. My girls stay comfy whether they’re running around the yard, swinging on the monkey bars, or sitting attentively in circle time.

For art projects and messy days, it gives me peace of mind knowing these leggings are machine washable and can stand up to stains. While my girls are rough-and-tumble tomboys, I also appreciate that the flared leg opening and fun colors help these leggings retain a feminine style.

Affordable Price Points

Given how quickly my girls seem to grow and how often leggings need replaced, I used to dread spending money on new pairs. Old Navy’s flare leggings are very budget-friendly, especially when I catch a good sale or use one of their regular promo codes.

Their typical prices of $12-$17 are already quite reasonable compared to similar options at higher-end retailers. I can often snag them for under $10 on sale, making it easy to stock up. clearance rack is another great spot to grab previous seasons’ colors and prints at incredible discounts.

With such affordable prices, I never feel guilty grabbing an extra pair or two, even if I’m unsure how much more wear we can get out of the current pairs. It gives me peace of mind knowing I’ve got backups ready and waiting in their drawers.

Caring for Our Leggings

To get the most wear out of our Old Navy flare leggings, I make sure to follow the care instructions printed right on the tag. Washing in cold water and tumble drying on low keeps them looking and fitting like new.

I make sure to remove them promptly from the dryer so they don’t sit too long getting wrinkled. Occasionally if the fabric starts to pill, I’ll use a fabric shaver to gently remove the bobbles.

With the right care, my daughters have been able to wear some pairs well over a year before it’s time to size up. Now that’s great value!

Convenient Online Shopping

While we do enjoy trips to our local Old Navy store, I often opt to shop their website for convenience. Browsing the girl’s leggings section online allows me to view many more options than what our physical store may have in stock.

I can filter by size, color, pattern, and other features to narrow the selection. The detailed product descriptions, customer reviews and photos ensure I know exactly what I’m ordering. I love being able to purchase a whole cart-full at once and have it conveniently shipped to my doorstep.

Old Navy offers free shipping on orders over $50, so I usually try to meet that minimum for free delivery. Returns are free as well, which gives me peace of mind if anything doesn’t fit just right once it arrives.

Returns Are Stress-Free

Speaking of returns, Old Navy makes exchanges and refunds hassle-free if my daughters outgrow something or if it doesn’t fit as expected. Items can be returned by mail or at any local store for a full refund within 45 days. I try to keep the tags on and leggings unworn until I’m sure we’re keeping them.

If my daughters do end up wearing or washing a pair that needs returned, Old Navy is flexible as long as they are still in good condition. This takes so much of the stress out of online ordering. Plus, Old Navy’s service representatives are always friendly and helpful if I ever need to reach out with questions.

Special Features they’ll Love

Beyond fit and style, Old Navy packs great functionality into their girls’ flare leggings as well. Many styles are made with moisture-wicking fabric that’s perfect for active kids. This keeps them cool, dry and comfortable whether on the playground or in gym class.

There are also options with added stretch for extra flexibility during cartwheels and forward folds in yoga class. For extra warmth on chilly days, some leggings feature soft thermal lining without adding bulk.

My girls go crazy over the fun side pocket designs on select styles, perfect for stashing little treasures discovered at recess. It’s these special little details that make Old Navy leggings a clear winner.

New Arrivals to Discover

One of my favorite things about Old Navy is that they’re always releasing new legging designs and colors. Each season, fun fresh prints and patterns give us new options to choose from. Even basic colors get updated with new texture combinations, pocket details or fabric blends.

My girls and I love browsing the website to see what’s new. It feels like Christmas morning unveiling all the latest arrivals! Even when we already have plenty of leggings in rotation, the new styles tempt us to stock up on a few more.

Before long, those become our old standbys while even newer options roll out. Old Navy makes it too easy and affordable to keep our legging collection on trend.

Mixing and Matching

With such a wide range of colors and prints, Old Navy’s girls’ flare leggings are perfect for mixing and matching. My daughters have fun pairing pink heart leggings with a striped top one day, then blue buffalo plaid leggings with a unicorn tee the next.

Having leggings in complementary colors and patterns allows countless combinations for a fresh look every day. Different color schemes also make it easy for my girls to locate their favorites in the laundry pile. “Grab me the green hearts!” is all it takes to ID a pair.

It’s also great being able to easily find coordinating tops in patterns that match their leggings. Old Navy’s wide selection ensures outfits that suit their personal styles.

Customer Reviews are Key

Before hitting that purchase button, I always check out the customer reviews on Old Navy’s website. Other shoppers are quick to comment on sizing, fabric feel, opacity, and overall quality. Reviews pointing out shorter/longer length or smaller/larger fit are super helpful when choosing sizes.

I’ve also learned useful care tips from reviewers, like avoiding certain drying methods that cause shrinkage. Seeing feedback from real parents and kids who have worn the leggings gives me great insight. I can buy with confidence knowing items have been put to the test beyond just a quick try-on in the changing room.

Year-Round Wear

One of the best things about Old Navy flare leggings is that they transition perfectly across seasons. In spring and summer, lightweight styles provide sun protection but breathable comfort. Come fall, we layer thicker ponte knits under dresses and tunics.

Cozy thermal and fleece-lined options help keep legs warm in the winter without the bulk of pants. Plus, vibrant colors and fun prints brighten up drab weather any time of year.

Having leggings suited for every season ensures my girls get the most cost per wear from each pair. We seamlessly incorporate them into our daily wardrobe all year long.

Save with Bundles

Around the holidays and back-to-school season, Old Navy makes it easy to save on leggings with special bundle offers. I’ll stock up on essential colors and prints when they offer multi-packs for one low price.

It ends up being cheaper per pair than buying individually, which is perfect if I know we’ll use them all. Keeping an eye out for these bundled deals around peak shopping times is an easy way to maximize my savings.

A Flattering Fit for All

After trying countless legging brands over the years, I can confidently say the fit of Old Navy’s flared leggings is superior. The stretchy fabric hugs and moves with my girls’ bodies, never bunching at the knees or feeling too compressive.

The flared shape flatters their legs and balances out their body proportions, rather than clinging too tightly like skinny leggings. They hit at the perfect ankle length as well.

Compared to some cheaper leggings, Old Navy’s waistbands don’t pinch or dig but stay comfortably in place. We’ve also had great experiences with their customer service if anything ever doesn’t live up to expectations.

Eco and Sustainability Efforts

As a family, we try to be conscious of sustainability and reducing waste. I appreciate that Old Navy has collections made using recycled materials as part of their eco-friendly efforts.

Knowing these leggings incorporate recycled polyester from plastic bottles or recycled cotton cuts down on their environmental impact. It feels good supporting a major retailer who is taking steps toward more responsible and sustainable practices across their supply chain.

Rewards Add Up

Like many retailers, Old Navy has a loyalty program that makes it even easier to afford new leggings on a regular basis. Signing up for their Navyist rewards program lets me earn points for purchases and other activities. Those points quickly translate into reward certificates for discounts on future orders.

Between the regular sales and special promo offers, stacking additional rewards savings makes Old Navy leggings a budget-buster. My girls are fully stocked for a fraction of what I’d pay at higher-end stores.

Flare Leggings for the Win

At the end of the day, Old Navy’s flare leggings check off all my must-haves. With the right fit, comfort, durability and style, they have become a back-to-school staple and year-round favorite. Mixing and matching the versatile color and print options keeps my girls excited to show off their outfits.

The affordable price points make it possible to stock up on multiple pairs knowing they’ll get tons of wear out of them. From school drop-off to playground time, Old Navy flare leggings are our everywhere, every day leggings!



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