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Power Up Your Gaming with Macro Keyboards

Gaming keyboards have come a long way from simple input devices to powerful peripherals that can truly enhance your play. One of the most significant advancements has been the addition of programmable macro keys. These macro keys allow gamers to automate complex actions and commands, increasing speed and efficiency during gameplay. For instance, you can program lengthy combat ability rotations to fire off with one keypress, freeing you up to focus on strategy instead of button sequences. Or automate tedious actions like managing inventory or leveling up skills. The possibilities are vast.

Macro keys make certain actions easier and faster to execute, giving you an edge in everything from MMOs to MOBAs to FPS games. Macros allow you to combo moves that perfectly sync together, swap weapons ultra-fast mid-fight, and pull off maneuvers that normally require many keys or perfect timing. Instead of memorizing complicated inputs and combos needed for high level play, you can just press a dedicated macro key to unleash amazing pre-programmed sequences.

This opens up gameplay possibilities that let you focus on what matters most – strategy, teamwork and winning. Dedicated macro keyboards truly unlock next level gaming. This article will explore the benefits of macro keys, the factors to consider when choosing a macro keyboard, reveal the top macro keyboard recommendations, and provide tips to get the most out of programmable macros. Let’s dive in!

Why Macro Keys Rule for Gaming

Before highlighting specific macro keyboard models, let’s look at why macros are so game-changing in the first place. Here are some of the biggest benefits macro keys bring to your gaming experience:

  • Increased speed and efficiency – Instead of pressing multiple keys for a given action, macro keys let you execute complex commands and combos with just one keypress. This saves you substantial time and effort over the course of a gaming session, keeping your fingers from getting fatigued as quickly. Things happen almost instantly compared to manual input.
  • Improved focus – By offloading sequences of actions to a dedicated macro key, you can focus more mental energy on strategy, positioning and situational awareness instead of trying to remember button sequences needed for certain moves. This leads to better decision making and performance.
  • Customization – Macro keys are programmable, allowing you to fully customize shortcuts and commands tailored for your specific playstyle and the games you play most often. The keys adapt to you.
  • Consistency – Macros perform programmed actions and combos precisely the same way every single time. This level of consistency helps build your muscle memory and ability to execute critical moves flawlessly.
  • Reduced fatigue – Macros significantly reduce repetitive finger and hand motions, decreasing strain and fatigue. Your hands stay fresh longer, even during marathon gaming sessions.

These benefits apply across game genres and playstyles. Whether you’re into MOBAs, FPS, RTS, RPGs, fighting games or beyond, macros will give you an edge. Now let’s explore what to look for in choosing an advanced macro keyboard for your setup.

Key Factors for Picking the Right Macro Keyboard

All macro keyboards are not created equal. Here are the most important factors to consider when selecting one:

  • Number of macro keys – The more macro keys a keyboard has, the more custom commands you can program for quick access. Typical gaming keyboards provide between 6-12 dedicated macro keys, but some models feature 18+ keys for advanced users.
  • Placement of macro keys – Where the macro keys are located on the keyboard matters for accessibility. Side placements give your left hand quick access without moving from WASD. Top placements put macros within easy finger reach. Thumb macros allow one handed activation.
  • Macro recording methods – Most gaming keyboards let you record macros on-the-fly by pressing a Record button then entering your keystroke sequence. Some offer more advanced macro software with fine-tuned customization options.
  • Onboard memory storage – Programmed macros should be stored in the keyboard’s onboard memory for easy use on different PCs without needing to reprogram everything.
  • Build quality – Macro keys will see frequent use, so keys with durable mechanical switches built to withstand rapid pressing are recommended. Avoid cheap membranes.
  • Extra features – Macro keyboards often include bonus features like RGB lighting, wrist rests, media controls and built-in LCD screens that enrich the experience.
  • Compatibility – Ensure full compatibility with your OS, hardware and games before purchase so macro recording/programming includes your entire toolkit.
  • Brand reputation – Stick with gaming peripheral brands known for quality, reliability and durability like Razer, Logitech, Corsair, HyperX, SteelSeries and others.
  • Budget – Macro keyboard prices range from under $50 to over $200 depending on features. Determine how much you’re willing to spend for the ideal macro board.

Hopefully these factors give you criteria to narrow down your search. Now let’s look at 5 of the top macro gaming keyboards available today.

Best Macro Gaming Keyboards

After extensive research of user reviews, expert recommendations and hands on testing – here are 5 of the absolute best macro keyboards for gaming:

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Over 19,000 reviews and a 4.7/5 rating make the Corsair K95 a fan favorite for macro gaming. It boasts an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, per-key RGB backlighting, a removable wrist rest and 6 dedicated macro keys. The keys use premium Cherry MX Speed mechanical switches designed for fast, precise actuation – perfect for macros. Onboard storage keeps up to three macro profiles ready for action. iCUE software unlocks next level customization. While pricey, the build quality, features and reputation make the K95 a top choice.

Pros: Aluminum frame, detachable wrist rest, 6 macro keys, great software, sturdy Cherry switches

Cons: Expensive

Summary: A premium option with the features, durable build and branding to justify the price tag. The K95 brings everything you want in a high performance macro keyboard.

Razer Huntsman Elite

With super fast opto-mechanical switches, Chroma RGB lighting, and dedicated media keys and dial, the Razer Huntsman Elite checks every box. It provides 10 macro keys with Hypershift to double that, giving you maximum customization potential. The magnetic wrist rest, sturdy aluminum construction, and extensive Razer Synapse software support ensure this keyboard will endure heavy macro usage. Downsides include a high price and loud keys. But for Razer quality with tons of features, the Huntsman Elite is hard to beat.

Pros: Aluminum build, magnetic wrist rest, 10 macro keys, Hypershift doubling, great software

Cons: Expensive, opto-mechanical keys are loud

Summary: A fully loaded option from a top gaming brand. The Huntsman Elite looks great and lets you program an array of macros.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

If you want smart sensitivity, the SteelSeries Apex Pro uses adjustable OmniPoint switches let you customize actuation for individual keys. This allows finely tuned macros with faster keys. It provides 12 macro keys with 3 profile storage onboard, durable aircraft grade aluminum frame, and OLED screen for settings. The software offers deep macro customization. The Apex Pro stretches budgets, but competitive gamers needing customizable actuation won’t find a smarter keyboard.

Pros: OmniPoint adjustable switches, 12 macro keys, onboard profiles, aluminum frame

Cons: Very expensive, requires tinkering to dial in keys

Summary: A super smart macro keyboard for serious gamers who want full custom actuation. The price is prohibitive for casual gamers.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2

With solid steel frame construction, signature HyperX pudding keycaps for stunning RGB backlighting, and convenient media controls, the Alloy Elite 2 supplies substance at a reasonable price. It provides 6 macros keys with 3 onboard profiles, quality Cherry MX mechanical switches, and intuitive software for programming. The detachable wrist rest enhances comfort for marathon gaming sessions. If you want durable, responsive macro power on a budget, the Alloy Elite 2 delivers excellent value.

Pros: Affordable price, steel frame, MX switches, 6 macros, wrist rest included

Cons: Only 6 macro keys

Summary: This keyboard punches above its weight class, supplying a sturdy and responsive macro board on a budget. Ideal for cost-conscious gamers.

Redragon K596 Vishnu

If you want a ton of macro power on a shoestring budget, it’s hard to beat the Redragon K596 Vishnu. This keyboard equipped with OUTEMU Blue clicky switches gives you 12 dedicated macro keys, RGB backlighting and full programmability at under $50. The software is surprisingly robust for controlling macros and lighting. Keep in mind the build quality doesn’t match premium brands, but for casual gaming and trying out macros, this affordable option packs a staggering amount of value and customization potential.

Pros: Incredible value, 12 macro keys, programmable, clicky switches

Cons: Cheap build quality, no wrist rest, basic software

Summary: The Vishnu supplies everything needed for serious macro programming at a budget price. Just don’t expect premium materials and features.

As you can see, there are excellent macro keyboards available at different price points and feature sets. Consider which attributes are must-haves for your needs and playing style before deciding. Next let’s dive into recommendations for getting the most from your macros.

Setting Up and Programming Your Macros

Once you have a macro keyboard, it’s time to unleash its potential by programming your macros. Here is a step-by-step guide:


Download any required software and drivers for your keyboard model if needed. Install and set up profiles.


Launch the macro recording/programming utility, whether standalone software or built into your keyboard.


Create individual profiles for each of your most played games or apps to keep macros organized.


Start by recording simple single key macros:

  • Press the Record button on your keyboard
  • Press the key sequence or enter the keys for your desired macro
  • Stop recording
  • Assign the macro sequence to an available macro key

For more complex macros, plan out the full sequence of actions/keypresses in advance before recording. Then record the entire sequence in one take without pauses.


Review your macro timing and tweak delays between actions if needed for proper activation. The software lets you edit the sequence.


For continuous actions like movement, adjust the macro’s repeat rate or toggle settings.


Set your macros to toggle on/off or to hold-to-activate based on your preference and game needs.


Once your macros are perfected, save their profiles to the keyboard’s onboard memory for use on different PCs.


Test your macros thoroughly in actual gameplay sessions. Adjust timings as needed until they execute flawlessly.


With practice, you’ll quickly get the hang of crafting specialized macros tailored for your favorite games and go-to moves and combos. Now for tips to fully utilize them and level up your play.

Macro Usage Tips and Ideas

Here are some creative ways to use gaming macros to enhance your play across titles and genres:

  • Use macros judiciously – Don’t over automate gameplay with macros or it loses strategy. Keep macro use focused only where truly useful.
  • Automate essential combat sequences like healing/health potions, weapon swaps, deploying buffs/debuffs and shields. Execute these instantly in fights without thinking.
  • Program repetitive menu actions like managing inventory, leveling up skills, upgrading abilities. Save clicks on boring stuff.
  • Create movement combos with dodges, rolls, jumps, long jumps, multi-jumps, sprints. Navigate environments better.
  • Make a single macro to trigger your full damage rotation or skill cycle. Set and forget.
  • Use macros to auto-harvest resources like mining, logging, gathering. Grind materials while AFK.
  • Automate message responses and phrases for better immersion in MMOs and RPGs.
  • Combo spells and abilities that chain/sync perfectly together for insane damage.
  • Remove double-tap movement keys for continuous movement and quicker walking/running.
  • Rapid weapon swaps to destroy with combo damage from multiple guns.
  • Panic button macro to chug health potions, apply buffs and shields for sticky situations. Survive and recover.
  • Craft quick chat macros to alert teammates or issue simple instructions in co-op play.
  • Automate complex server admin commands on community/clan servers and platforms like Slack.
  • Program useful macros to auto-activate at timed intervals – reapplying buffs/skills every 5 minutes, etc.
  • Rapid left-right strafe to effortlessly dodge bosses and environmental dangers.
  • Automate lockpicking sequences and other repetitive skill checks in stealth/immersive sims.
  • Program platforming sequences to automatically traverse environments and obstacles. Reduce falls.
  • Auto-play idle animations like laughs, dances, tricks for perfect screenshots and videos.
  • Create a fun GG macro to send a prerecorded good game message to opponents at the end of matches. Spread positivity.

The options are truly endless since anything you can press manually can be programmed. Keep discovering new ways to augment your playstyle with macros. They open up gameplay possibilities you never considered before.

Enhance Your Gaming with Macro Power

As you can see, dedicated gaming keyboards with macro functionality provide game-changing benefits for players of all kinds. Macros automate tedious tasks while executing complex commands and combos instantly. This powers up your play, reduces fatigue and lets you concentrate on winning.

Hopefully this guide provided the macro keyboard knowledge you need from understanding key benefits and features to making smart buying choices to programming and usage tips. The models recommended above are great starting points guaranteed to upgrade your gaming setup.

Now it’s just a matter of picking the macro keyboard tailored for your budget, platform and playstyle then experimenting with programming to build your perfect custom presets. Don’t be afraid to get creative and share your innovations with fellow gamers. When used smartly, macros will enable you to game faster, longer and better than ever before. Power on!



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